I lost myself somewhere. Between my failed marriage and unwanted feedback comparing me to other makers, I doubted myself. I doubted myself so much it was crippling. The destruction to my self-esteem, my friendships, my art and craft, any inspiration I tried to muster up, and to my self worth was catastrophic. I stared into that mirror of self-reflection and introspection that I didn't realize I had languished there for so long that I didn't recognize myself.

I had to pluck out every bit of negative influence and throw it in the metaphorical trash. I never asked for any of that any ways. In my midnight, I found all the things I used to love. The inky black swirls of my depth and passion. The things I have always loved before I left self-doubt and outside influence take over my thoughts.
It's ok to fall in love with yourself. For me, the pool of doubt was where I died. Only after I really focused on myself did I find hope again.

For this I needed to apologize to myself. I doubted my given talents and true character. I neglected loving myself.

26" total length necklace with onyx, freshwater pearls - both the colors of the midnight sky and a luminous white, and clear quartz.
Sterling silver crescent moon charm