Custom Requests

I do not have a fee for consultation! I often find great inspiration in creation of custom strands.

Current design:
If the strand is a current design and you'd like to use different stones just let me know which ones and I'll shoot over an estimated cost within a few days. Easy peasy :). Just as with regular strand orders, after you buy the custom listing, I should have the order mailed out within 21 business days. It really varies greatly depending on current order volume.

The true custom:
Custom design requests are something I truly enjoy being a part of. Whether the strand is for aesthetic purposes or to memorialize a loved one, I am more than happy to plan out a strand for you.
The process of creating a custom strand takes time. Finding out the meaning of a piece to you; the story that you want to tell helps me bring custom strands to life.
It's a slow process for me if it's a true custom and not an alternative to a current strand. I really want to make sure I bring out what You are looking for.
It really means a lot for someone to entrust me with their feelings and thoughts while I create a physical representation or talisman of that.

Some things to consider:

What stones or color palette are you looking for? Do a little research on the properties of stones or ask me about them!
What is the desired length you would like? If you're not sure of the length, where would you like the lowest point of the strand to rest on yourself, (just below collar bone, top of sternum, bottom of sternum). Give me an anatomical reference :)
Do you have a preference on bead sizing? Smaller/dainty, - anything in between -, or statement chonker?
What is your expected cost range? I can give options to meet that until we get where you want it to be AND are happy with the stones.

As with all my strands I use the best stone quality I am able to source for each piece. After I receive a request, if the stone you are requesting is something I don't have on hand, I will do some research on that stone type and provide you with a few options. If this is absolutely the stone type you wish to use, depending on the cost, I may ask for a non-refundable deposit for the strand at this time to cover the cost of the special order. Other than that, I don't require a deposit to start creating a piece.

The process after receiving all that information is straight forward. I'll reach out with pictures on current ideas. Ask what you're loving or maybe not so much enjoying with where I currently am in the design process. Please always feel comfortable in giving feedback. It's the only way this will truly feel meaningful to you. Once you approve the final design a custom listing will be added to the site for you. After purchase, your strand will be ready to ship within the week.

Thank you for considering me for your custom strand design! Please reach out if you have any questions at all.