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Theory of Entanglement

  • Theory of Entanglement
  • Theory of Entanglement
  • Theory of Entanglement

The Theory of Entanglement (reference in Only Lovers Left Alive) - the short version of this is that 2 objects reference each other no matter how far or near they are to each other.
I thought this was an interesting theory to consider while also considering twin flames and soul mates. These are very different people in your life that run along similar paths. Drawn to them in a way that seems beyond the realm of possibility. The soulmate is someone that was cut from the same energy as you. They know you, they love you, they accept you. These loves are eternal - thought to span lifetimes. Entangled in ways that cannot be seen and drawn to each other by a sense of knowing they can't explain. They are stable, strong, and hold an intensity nothing can replicate.
The twin flames are two halves of a whole. A soul that has been spit in two. It's thought that these relationship teach you lessons. They are intense, demand spiritual growth and challenge you in a way no one else can.
Trying to discern which it is you've found is difficult initially. One is consistent, bright, full of love, intense. The other can be all those things, but phase like the moon in intensity. It's easy to mistake them. The personal and spiritual growth associated with each of them is profound. It's likely these people leave everlasting impressions on the psyche; forever changing who you once were.
The two that are eternally entangled through this life and the next. Who'd have thought there could be more than one.

21" necklace featuring Madagascar rose quartz, grey moonstone, and sterling silver. Finished with a sterling silver star.

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