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The Seer's Lament

  • The Seer's Lament
  • The Seer's Lament
  • The Seer's Lament

Taking the ability of the Seer into consideration, the weight of knowing the unknown is a heavy burden to carry. Sadness in solitude of the knowledge. Once sought after for their ability to commune with the gods and see whispers in the Aether; it's now a risk to disclose thoughts of this nature. Is the ability to know the unknown a gift or a curse? I think it varies by each vision seen.

This necklace features a 16 mm natural perfect clear quartz sphere. The way these capture light are why they are referred to as pools of light. They seem to glow from within giving a magical aura to the stone. These are not drilled keeping the stone intact. They are instead surrounded by a sterling silver bezel that is fixed in place.

Clear quartz is said to be the master healer, clearing the mind, body, and spirit of things that need not be there.
The garnet tear drop to mourn that which we cannot change and give regenerative properties in each tear that falls.