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The Red Woman

  • The Red Woman
  • The Red Woman
  • The Red Woman

I have felt somewhat distant and like an illusion of my true self. Differentiating and searching through the light aspects, the darkness I carry, and peering into the abyss of the unknown self; I find am different with each facet I acknowledge. These facets aren't predictable. They morph and interact differently with different people. I am many different life experiences pressed into one consciousness. If someone said I helped in a time of need, believe them. I'll give the shirt off my back and the bread from my table to those in need and those I love and care for. If someone says I was heartless and potentially cruel, believe them. Understand though, that is the person they brought out in me. Ask why. A kind by nature person is never ruthless without very good reason.

Higher thinking, self realization, shadow work, and the strength to look at and understand the parts that aren't ideal leads to the greatest iteration of self empowerment. Acknowledgment of these facets paired with the wisdom in how to use them foremost unlocks a balance. That balance becomes sure footedness and strength in my sense of self. I've got myself. Clear boundaries and removal of people pleasing makes some individuals uncomfortable. Those aren't your people. People that push you down and undermine you reflect nothing of who you are, but volumes of their insecurity. Find those that bolster you and celebrate you. Those are your people. Becoming unbothered by what others think is incredibly empowering. Finding and honoring the true self is the greatest form of self love.

Find that unshakable core and no one can disturb that foundation. It might mean a complete restructuring of what you thought was true, but it will be worth it. I made this garnet strand as a return to center and to encourage love of self. No matter the changing people present in this journey of life, the one constant is you. It is going to be a tough journey if you don't learn to commune with yourself, become your truest form, and love yourself first. It's only when we love and accept ourselves that we can truly receive the love others have and want to give.

This strand is 42.5" long and features black spinel and garnet. It is closed with a sterling silver star.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping. Thank you!