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When I first created The Star, I was experiencing intense feelings of depression, anger, and denial. I had not yet made it into the acceptance stage. I'm not sure I ever will for some things. Somethings are just too hurtful make it there.
That left all that denial, anger, and depression to fester. The Star is a representation of those stages of grief and a gentle reminder that it is OKAY to not be okay. It's normal and natural to move in and out of these stages fluidly. And it is definitely okay to say, "I am not okay". Trauma isn't linear. Neither is the healing process. Sometimes while in the state of "not okay" it can be easy to stay in that darksome place. It can be easy to let the abyss of feelings snuffing out any light there may be around you. It's important to realize it's not that there are not lights there, it that your mind is blotting them out from your field of view. There are most likely many luminaries along your path, they are just difficult to see through the dark filter of depression. Being able to see and acknowledge this about ourselves will help us begin draw back the veil that shrouds the light.
I hope anyone struggling with depression has that one person that is their light in the dark. I wanted to represent the light in the dark, so I added luminous labradorite beads along The Star's dark path. There doesn't need to be a lot of light, there just needs to be a light. One solitary light is enough. If I can't find a light on my path, I try to become that light instead.
The Neverending Story is a favorite example of this sentiment for me. Even if something is taken all the way down to it's core, one light is enough to rebuild and overcome despair.
This strand is 47 inches long and handmade by me using Onyx and Labradorite beads. All findings are sterling silver. This will be closed the the sterling silver moon/star clasp "Guiding Light".