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The High Priestess

  • The High Priestess
  • The High Priestess
  • The High Priestess

This strand was born out of longing for a return to self. There's something to be said about showering regularly, getting out of bed, getting dressed in something not pajamas or work attire, eating something nourishing for the body, wearing your favorite jewelry, doing your hair (not a pony tail that hasn't been brushed through in 4 days). I used to care. I used to care a lot. Repeated mortal blows to the ego and I lost myself. Even that might not be correct, I know who I am, but I think I lost the sense of pride I used to feel about everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve accomplished, the person I strive to be. I have asked myself the self-deprecating question, “What did it matter before?” more times than I’d like to admit. I take pride in my work. I take pride in my craft. How did I lose pride in myself? I've been reflecting a lot on this lately. I know what happened and where it all went catastrophically wrong, that's not the issue. It's getting it back. How does one do that?
I’m trying to look at myself without personal bias and see where my biases towards myself even are. Self-sabotage is a real thing and I don’t want to feed that part of me anymore. The High Priestess symbolizes inner illumination, wisdom, and mystery. I wanted to represent divine energy and remind myself the answers are not outside of me. I need to dig deeper and get to the root before I can truly move forward in a healthy way.

This strand is just under 44 inches long and handmade by me. All findings are sterling silver. This will be closed with the sterling silver star/moon clasp "Guiding Light".

I used onyx and black web jasper for this strand. Onyx for protection on the mind, and black web jasper as a booster to self-awareness and connectedness.