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The Heart of Medusa

  • The Heart of Medusa
  • The Heart of Medusa
  • The Heart of Medusa
  • The Heart of Medusa

The Heart and Tears are meant to be the same.
I think this was the part that hurt the most about her story. She was betrayed by Poseidon and dismissed by Athena. No matter what she said, Athena heard nothing and cursed her anyways. In this way, The Heart of Medusa and the Tears of Medusa share meaning.
The heart wept for what had happened to her and the eyes wept for what had happened to her heart.

I have done things in my life that weren't my finest moments. I have felt remorse and the need to reconcile what I have done. Sometimes the person has heard me out. Sometimes the person didn't have the capacity for whatever their reasoning to deal with me. I know that I have been the same to others as well. I am generally a very compassionate person, but I am also stubborn to a fault if I am hurt. Sometimes it takes time for the venom to leave your mouth and for you to be able to appreciate a situation from a different perspective. It's important to honor that time and give the person the space they need to come to terms (or not!) with everything.

Black spinel is a protective stone. Here it is meant to protect the wearer from negative energies from others and from the self. Negative self talk is a theme across all of my works. It's the worst thing we do to ourselves.
Chrome Diopside is meant to boost self awareness , lessen aggressiveness and stubbornness. Only when we really take a look at ourselves and listen to hear (not rebut) can we truly understand a situation. Maybe also this can give us the wisdom to know a persons true intent in a situation. Or the knowledge to not make impulsive and angry decisions.

This strand is 36.5" long. It features chrome diopside and black spinel. The sterling silver infinity snake charm and findings close the strand.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping. Thank you!