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  • Carina
  • Carina

I named this strand after the Carina Nebula. This necklace reminded me of waves. Waves of healing. The ebb and flow of relationships. The peace that comes after a storm and the calm in that space.

The Carina Nebula has some association with Jason and the Argonauts, and the larger body it belongs to - Argo Navis. The brightest star of the Carina nebula, Canopus, represents the blade of an oar for the Argus.

The wave like pattern of the rose quartz felt like a sea of experiences. Some good. Some bad. All of them leading to the collective experience I call this wild life of mine. With the right tools to navigate those waves, I won't get too lost. And if I find that I am, I am always able to change course.

This necklace is 22" in length of rose quartz and sterling silver, closed with a sterling silver star.