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Styx Part I

  • Styx Part I

The Styx is said to flow along the boundary between the world and the underworld. I imagine the Styx with inky black waters slowly lapping at the shores between the here and there.
Some believe that the waters of the Styx make those who would bathe in it invulnerable. To that thought process, I made this strand with Onyx and designed it to look like smooth rolling waters. Cocoon yourself in the waters of the Styx. Let the waters wash over your anxiety and fears. Let the Onyx beads flow through your fingers and protect you from the darkness of others.

Beaded onyx strand.

This strand is 31" in length. You can choose which of my charms you'd like to adorn it in the comments. The star, the crescent moon, or the star and moon combination. Shipping may take up to 6 weeks depending on order volumes, but usually is 2-3 weeks.