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Sterling Janus

  • Sterling Janus
  • Sterling Janus

Janus is the Roman god most associated with beginnings and can symbolize change or transitions. He is also associated with time. To me there is wisdom in his two faces. One to see the past and one to see the future. I think moving into the New Year with the new moon, I wanted to reflect on all that has happened in the last year. This past year has been incredible in so many ways. I took the leap and started this business. I grew with it and met new people along the path. It has been a truly wonderful experience. I have had great loss and heartache. Things I can’t begin to explain or know the “why” behind them. Most significantly I grew.
For me Janus is having the thoughtfulness to consider where you have been to better transition into where you are going.
With love and thoughtfulness, enter the threshold of this New Year seeking to know yourself better. Grow your understanding of yourself and learn your truest iteration. Spend lime in liminal spaces that have neither a here or there and find what it is your meant to see there. I’ve learned nearly everything has a lesson, but you have to look with an open mind and with the intention to see.

Grey Moonstone (The New Moon stone) is a powerful stone that has all the properties of moonstone and magnifies intention. When seeking to understand and reflect on one’s self, this stone is thought to help the wearer see into the void and bringing forth potential.
Sterling Silver is thought to amplify the energy of the moon. It is also the metal of emotion, protection, and healing. Just as the moon reflect the sun, these silver beads will aid in reflecting negative energies from the wearer.
This will be closed with the sterling silver star/moon clasp "Guiding Light

Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping.
This strand measures approximately 41.25"