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When I decided that I wanted to make a collection for the last full moon of the year, I had to contemplate what that meant to me. 2021 has been a year of incredible difficulty and pain. I tend to hold on to things, not because I hold a grudge, but because I file it, shelve it, and forget about it until some benign thing triggers a trauma response within me. The last full moon of the year is supposed to represent a time of healing and letting go of things that burden us. An attempt to enter the New Year with an open heart and mind. All of the strand have the same intention for this little series. I chose to use the various names given to this moon and create strands to represent them.
I hope that if you bring one of these strand home you find the time to reflect and know yourself better. I hope you are able to be present with your emotions as you navigate through them. Just like the cycles of the moon, every things has an ebb and flow. The last full moon of the year is also within days of the winter solstice, the longest nights of the year I hope these serve as bright and warming lights to you during the darkest time of year.

This strand is finished with a sterling silver crescent moon and is 37" in length.
Moonstone is thought to promote reflection, inner growth, intuition, and healing. It’s often associated with new beginnings.
Hematite grounds and balances. As the stone of the mind, it is also thought to enhance manifestations.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping.