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Solar Return

  • Solar Return
  • Solar Return
  • Solar Return

This piece is on making another rotation around the sun and finding myself again. The last few years have been a crucible I NEVER wanted to experience. You'd think with a name like Athena and the fact that I'm an Aries I'd be confident and unaffected by the thoughts and expectations of others. But that couldn't be further from the truth. I have a tough exterior, but squishy marshmallow, I care way too freakin much feelings. We're expected to be amiable and full of light and love when people are crappy to us. I'm not always that, but I do hide it well. No is a full sentence though.
This strand is a reminder to hold yourself close. Stay pure and true to who you are no matter who it is questioning you as a person. Be a shining example of being your most authentic self. Being unencumbered by people's expectations was the first step in digging myself out of the depression pit. It was amazing how liberating it felt to say "I don't care" and “No.”.
Hematite works as a shield from negative energy and grounds the wearer. Clear quartz as a master healer, and black rutilated quartz is illuminating/enhances intuition. I used a few sterling silver beads in this strand as well to assist in having patience with yourself, reflect negative energy, and to work as an amplifier for the other stones. 24"
You know who you are. Shine magnificently like the sun.