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Shadow of Arachne

  • Shadow of Arachne
  • Shadow of Arachne

When casting shadows, the shadow closely resembles the form of the object from which the shadow originates. The shadow is never a perfect replica, it varies here and there leaving some things to speculation. The shadow may cast shorter, longer, smaller, and even wider variances of the thing... If you were to attempt to create a copy using only the shadow of a thing the end product might resemble it, but the detail would be missing. The depth, the color, the little nuances that make that thing uniquely itself.
Spending too much time looking at ones shadow; at the shadow self... has the same effect. As Neitzsche one observed, "... if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back."
The thing about the shadows is that you do not control them directly. You control yourself in relation to the light source assisting in casting that particular shadow. Don't like what you see in the shadows? Move/change your position. Get closer to the light or walk further from it. The shadow does not change if you do not change.

The shadow collection is the dark counter parts to some of my most beloved strands. They closely resemble the original pieces, but little things are different about them. Maybe it's longer, shorter, or a focal bead is bigger.. They are entirely black.

Beaded onyx strand.

This strand is 35" long and features onyx. You can request which sterling silver clasp you'd like in the comment during check out: star, crescent moon, or combination star and crescent moon.