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*LAST CHANCE* Rosaria - Life

  • *LAST CHANCE* Rosaria - Life
  • *LAST CHANCE* Rosaria - Life

The Rosary.
I have had a strange history with the Rosary going back almost 21 years. An out of towner came into the cafe I was working at and left me a solid sterling rosary on top of the money they had left for a tip. The experience has never left my head and I have not been able to part with that rosary. Occasionally, the urge to create a rosary is so strong I just let the feeling guide me. This time, it was garnet, black spinel, the sacred heart and fleur-de-lis cross. Every part of this rosary pulling to me as meaning "Life".
I'm not sure who needs this or who this is calling to, but I hope it finds you.

27" around and 2.75" hanging. Garnet, black spinel, and sterling silver silver.