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Reflection of the Star

  • Reflection of the Star
  • Reflection of the Star
  • Reflection of the Star

Reflections are more than what we see in the mirror. They are things, qualities, and traits we see repeated throughout our days. They can be things we love about a person, things we hate about a person. These are reflections of you. Known or unknown, the thoughts you possess and project are reflections of your prejudices. Being able o see these for what they are is necessary in understanding yourself. The mirror is the self you know. Projections are part of the unknown self which we displace onto others.
The reflection series are close up and often enlarged versions of existing pieces. offering focus on one section or run of a piece. They are created in onyx as a nod to the shadow self and the reflective work needed to better understand ourselves.

Beaded onyx short strand.

This strand is 18" in length. You can choose which of my charms you'd like to adorn it in the comments. The star, the crescent moon, or the star and moon combination. Shipping may take up to 6 weeks depending on order volumes, but usually is 2-3 weeks.