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  • Persephone
  • Persephone

This strand was about the duality of a person. One can co-exist as both of light and dark. There are things tying us to both the light and dark that are not necessarily our choice.

In the story of Persephone; Zeus and Hades make a deal on her behalf. She would remain in the underworld as many months as the number of pomegranate seeds she had eaten. After, she would be able to return to Olympus for 6 months. This would be her fate.
The dichotomy of her existence is not only a matter of light and dark, it's also the difficulty of choices she is forced to make. She leaves to make one person happy at the expense of her own opposing desires.

I often feel this way in life when choosing paths. Deciding on the greater good of a thing and for whom it is better for.

I represent the pomegranate seeds with 6 garnet beads. Hades is represented with the larger hypersythene bead. The 12 smaller beads are the months she spends in darkness from someone she loves. The small poppy pod charm is an offering to gods. An offering to the dead of the underworld and the eternal life she has with Hades. Also representing her resurrection which symbolizes the coming of spring.

Just as seasons change, so do we.

26.5" necklace featuring garnet, onyx, black glass, and hypersthene. Completes with a sterling silver star and a sterling silver poppy bud for offering.

Made to order just for you. Please allow 2 weeks creation and shipping time ✨🖤