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I wanted this strand to look and feel like thoughts, dreams and memories trickling down a silver cord. The silver cord that connects the astral self to the earth bound self. Here, there, and liminal all at once.
This piece felt melodic to me. The pluck of lyre strings easily finding my ears with its pattern and incredible soothing energy.

Orpheus represents so many things. The story of him and Eurydice is overwhelmingly beautiful and tragic at the same time. The part I focused on for this piece was the journey. Overcoming challenges and obstacles in grace and beauty. All for her.
Orpheus sang a song so beautiful and so moving he convinced the God of the Underworld to allow him bring his wife from that place. That is a shining love. One you don't find very often. A love that transcends the physical. Those shining memories and dreams.

"Eurydice, forgive the Winds, forgive the Sun, forgive the Moon, forgive the Stars, forgive the Rain, for never loving you as I will."
-Michan Bakhuis, Lament to Eurydice

Why do we look back?
Memories and dreams are sometimes all thats left of fleeting moments in the sun. To look back, reminisce, and gaze upon those moments again, immortalized in our memories, is sometimes the only way we are able to accept that which was not meant to last.

This 42" strand features hand polished sterling silver, amethyst, moonstone, and labradorite beads. It is closed with a sterling silver star.