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Nyx's Starry Night

  • Nyx's Starry Night
  • Nyx's Starry Night
  • Nyx's Starry Night

Nyx and Vincent Van Gogh. I couldn't help but marry the two concepts. The Primordial Goddess of night; my favorite time of day, and the painter of my favorite night sky. I once did a report on Vincent Van Gogh. I wondered how someone with such darkness could create such beautiful pieces that capture light so masterfully. Even then I was drawn to the dichotomy of light and dark. Van Gogh expressed light and dark through tonal technique: using variations of the same color to gain depth and quality characteristics. Darker tones for the shadows and lighter tones for the highlights. When I did try my hand at painting, I tried using this technique and I really enjoyed it! In another life I'd have more time to just create all different mediums of art. Expression through art and using art as an escape is something I know well! I'm doing it here. Now. This is my outlet. I don't know many people that are as open with their darker tones as I try to be with mine. People often cover it up with the good things, or the light things. "It's taboo to talk about sad things! You don't want to be a burden to those around you with those heavy thoughts!" To hell with that.
See, the thing that makes Van Gogh's paintings inspiring isn't just technique. It's the appreciation of that particular color. Expressing every shade of it, showing off the color's moody and gloomy tones ,as well as the lighter and brighter tones. I can't help but be drawn into the verdant and azure color scapes with the swirling night skies Van Gogh is known for. These contrasts between light and dark are the only way we can appreciate the depth of the whole painting.
Appreciating the light and dark within a person will help see the qualities of the whole person. Not just the "good" parts or the "bad" parts. The depths of that individual's soul that was blazed by both beautiful and light moments as well as equally hideous and dark moments. We all live a dichotomy of sorts. Some maybe a little more than others. Be authentically yourself; embrace both the light and the darker parts for they are all part of what makes you, you.
"The rest is confetti"

This strand is 43.5 inches long and handmade by me using black spinel, onyx, and labradorite beads. All findings are sterling silver.