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Northern Lights (short)

  • Northern Lights (short)
  • Northern Lights (short)
  • Northern Lights (short)

The Northern Lights are a beautiful display of colorful lights caused by geomagnetic storms form the sun. The way labradorite flashes and dances reminds me so much of these lights. I always associated The Northern Lights with winter, long nights, cold nights, and with spirits. The belief that held most firm for me was that the northern lights represented the spirits of our departed ancestors and that the lights dancing across the sky was a way for them to communicate with us. Another that is rooted in greek mythology is that the lights are Aurora, sister of the sun and the moon and she would race across the sky to alert them of the coming dawn. For me they are mystery, magic, beauty, and the unknown.

This strand is finished with a sterling silver sun and is 28.5" in length.
Labradorite is thought to enhance the magic within ourselves. It is thought to allow the wearer to communicate with spirits and higher powers. It is also thought to bring out the best in the wearer, allowing our inner light to glow and shine as we tune in to the universe.
Sterling Silver is thought to amplify the energy of the moon. It is also the metal of emotion, protection, and healing. Just as the moon reflect the sun, these silver beads will aid in reflecting negative energies from the wearer.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping.