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  • Morpheus
  • Morpheus
  • Morpheus

Oneiros are children the of Nyx who are the personification of dreams. Be they true dreams or deceitful dreams is not up to us.
Morpheus is thought to be the leader of the Oneiroi. He is also thought to be the bringer of messages and prophecy while in the dream realm.

This 45" long strand is made of onyx and amethyst. I used amethyst for my interpretation of the dream demon because it's thought to give the wearer control over their thoughts. Onyx will lend protection and strength to the wearer.
While a dream and the murky subconscious may not be able to be controlled, your thoughts and actions may be guided through practice and ritual.

"Oneiroi (Dreams) are beyond our unravelling--who can be sure what tale they tell? Not all that men look for comes to pass". -Homer, Odyssey 19