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Often navigating complex emotions and traumas feels like a never ending maze of confusion and hurt. I think this is mostly from readiness to really face the issue at hand and navigate through the tangled web that is trauma. No one deals with trauma the same. Some take time others take none. Repeated trauma is a beast of its own. The thought behind this particular piece is that of repeated trauma. It’s easy to want to hide in the center of hedge maze where none can reach you. Build your walls high and impenetrable from even the most determined soul. I am Minos. I am the Minotaur. I have hidden myself away from people and the pain associated with them. I feel cocooned in my Labyrinth. Here, I feel I can learn myself, commune with myself, and shine my brightest away from the murky waters others bring.
This strand is finished with a sterling silver charm of a labyrinth and is about 19" in length.
Labradorite is thought to enhance the magic within ourselves. It is thought to allow the wearer to communicate with spirits and higher powers. It is also thought to bring out the best in the wearer, allowing our inner light to glow and shine as we tune in to the universe.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping.