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Hidden Depths - Oceanid IV

  • Hidden Depths - Oceanid IV
  • Hidden Depths - Oceanid IV

42" Aquamarine and Onyx
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In the legend of Prometheus’ theft from Zeus, while he was chained to the rock Oceanids (water nymphs) would come to console him. Through them it was discovered he was punished unjustly. It’s said there are 3000 daughters (Oceanids) of Oceanus and Tethys so I wanted to make them individual and will continue to make more of them. These to me represent the friends that have made the journey bearable. In the legend they are there for Prometheus and I know that from the situation I still struggle to reconcile there were many Oceanids for that person. For me though, there have been relationships I have forged as a result of that person. Groups I would never have been introduced to if not for them. Incredible artists and humans I have come to love and lean on. Some of them know us both and choose no sides. Some choose sides and speak to one or the other which is unfortunate. That person isn’t a bad person. That person made a terrible mistake and judgement call. How they handled it left a lot to be desired to, but I even understand that part of it. Whatever helps them cope with what they did.
The Oceanids in my story are people I couldn’t have made it through this without. Incredible, strong, and wonderful people. The Oceanids are my representation of you.