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Eos p.II Amethyst

  • Eos p.II Amethyst
  • Eos p.II Amethyst

Eos, Goddess of the Dawn. Representative of the coming of a new day, I am reminded that even on my darkest day, the sun shall still rise on the next even if I wish it wouldn't. The brightest of star comes to end even the darkest night. Taking each new day as a new opportunity for forge my own path is something I've had to work at. I was lost in the shadows of the clouds I was pulling around with me. It's a hard to lesson to learn that sometimes you are your biggest detractor.
Each night I would envision what impossible thing or task I wanted to accomplish on the next day. Even if it was simply to offer a genuine smile. Each morning I would try to leave the sadness of the day previous right where it was to enable myself to accomplish that task. We are each given a new day. How each of us utilizes that is purely up to us and the perspective we carry.

Beaded sterling silver and amethyst short strand.

This strand is 22.5" in length. You can choose which of my charms you'd like to adorn it in the comments. The star, the crescent moon, or the star and moon combination. Shipping may take up to 6 weeks depending on order volumes, but usually is 2-3 weeks.