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The tree of life is entrenched in symbolism. It's woven with astrology, tarot, and Kabbalah. There is far too much to write about it here, but I found the paths drawn between the symbols, the parallel paths, and the interconnection of them all fascinating.
It can be looked at as a labyrinth itself. The walk you commence on is meant to return you to your center. Your spiritual labyrinth doesn't particular have to be represented by the classic circular paths. The path of enlightenment leading to spiritual awakening is often complicated. There are set backs, there are leaps forward, there are parallel paths that seem similar but aren't, and sometimes you end up taking the same path again because you lost your way. At least each subsequent time you walk the path, you do so with more knowledge than the last time. That's all we can ask right?

24" necklace featuring the flashiest labradorite and sterling silver.
The sterling silver focal is the tarot tree of life with astrological symbology. This also has a sterling silver star at the back for closure.
Please allow 2 weeks for creation and shipping. 🖤✨