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Demeter's Tears p. II

  • Demeter's Tears p. II
  • Demeter's Tears p. II
  • Demeter's Tears p. II

When I began Lost Star Cravt, I had experienced something so soul rending I didn't think anything would have color again. My world went dark and it felt as though everything around me slowly withered away. My landscapes became bleak unending things in which I felt little joy. I wasn't sure what, if anything, would help me bear the burden of that grief until life eventually found its way back to me. Another strand, The Abyss, told that story. Beading and creating beauty from that dark space helped me through it. Demeter's Tears was a representation of a loss so destructive, I was plunged into a perpetual winter.
The original strand had a raw and worn feeling to it. The silver looked weather worn; like it have been through a tempest. This one is more polished. Maybe from being beaten against the rocks for so long. The burden of grief never really leaves, but how it manifests and the way It is expressed has evolved. It has become more polished in a way.

This 40" stand features tourmalinated quartz tear drops, sterling silver and onyx beads. Finished with a sterling silver North Star.
Due to the occurance of inclusions in natural stones, each strand will be unique from the next. More (darker) or less inclusion (lighter) can be requested and I will do my best to meet that wish for you.

Please allow 1-2 weeks time for creation and shipping. Each piece is handmade by me for you 🖤✨