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The three fates –The Morai.
More and more lately I have been asking myself how much control I actually have over the things that are happening to me. Of course there is cause and effect, but what about the other things. The things that make you scratch your head and ask why? Why?!
I find it interesting to ponder the thought that every single thing is predestined to happen. No matter what a person does, they cannot escape their fate In that way the Morai were thought to be more powerful than even Zeus himself. Not even a God can escape their watchful gaze.
Time has been a funny thing for me this year. I feel as though a lifetime of sadness has happened in less than a year. The burnout and the stress of it all has taken a toll on my body and my outlook. I know the passage of time has not changed and it feels like a lifetime had happened, but on the same note, it also feels as though it happened in the blink of an eye. It's hard to quantify exactly how I am feeling. Usually when traveling down the road you move forward and meet each light on the way. This feels like a vacuum has pulled all the lights past me while I remain rooted to the spot and unable to grasp them as they fly by. I don't feel like I'm driving my fate. Just an unwilling passenger witnessing this happen.

Clotho determined the birth of a person. She could also determine if a person was to live or die.
Lachesis would measure thread Clotho spun and decide how much life a person was to live.
Atropos was the one that severed your thread. She chose how you died and then would end your life.

In this life I have felt less in control of what is happening to me because of the randomness and agendas of other people. It’s often sad for me when it happens, but it makes me question more on predetermined fates. How else could some of these things happen. I try my best to be a good and well rounded person. Maybe in a different life I was such a terrible person, it is taking two lifetimes to pay karma her dues.

The Atropos strand is just over 46 inches long and handmade by me using onyx and teardrop cut black toumalinated quartz beads. All findings are sterling silver.