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For me aether is the random text asking if I'm okay. It's the care package I didn't know I needed until it arrived. It's the transfer of light energy from them through some small gesture showing me someone cares . That little luminary now lights a part of my dark path. After a time, those little lights become many. Adding up until they became strung together. Even though the darkness within is still present, and sometimes I may lose my way, the ever present lights along the path help bring me back. They make it manageable.
Not feeling so alone.
Not feeling so lost.
I love that in Greek mythology, Aether (the primordial god of light) was son of Nyx (night incarnate) and Erebus (the personification of darkness). From the darkness came light. No matter how dark the night is, there is always a light if you look. I think with this piece I wanted to show it gets better. Even if it takes months, it does get better one step at a time. Even if all you cling to is that one little light, hold that little light close and don't let go. If you don't have a light, I'll be that light. Contact me and I'll talk to you free of judgement. I've been there in the dark.
There were a few beautiful souls I met on the internet that helped me through the darkest night.
This one is for them. My lights. The aether between the light and the dark.
This piece is 22.5" long using black rutilated quartz, onyx, and hypersthene.