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A Wish to the Moon - Labradorite

  • A Wish to the Moon - Labradorite
  • A Wish to the Moon - Labradorite
  • A Wish to the Moon - Labradorite

To wish upon the moon is to seek the highest potential in your affirmations. To wish upon the full moon or the new moon is the peak of this potential. It might be better to say make your intentions known. Become resolute in your path. Write it down. Revisit it when you need to.
New moons are new beginnings for the lunar cycle. They can also be new opportunities to reset for yourself. Setting intentions for the coming month, seeking a change in your path, manifesting positive will by utilizing the gift of a blank slate.
Full moons are for gratitude. Being thankful for what is and leading a life of gratitude will change the way you feel about life, those around, you, and yourself. Thank the Goddess for what you have, even if it's not yet what you are striving for.
I'm a firm believer in "we make our path". Sure, there are always those things which we cannot control, but we can always control how we respond to these occurrences. I feel every one in my life is a gift. Some are a gift when they enter it. Some a continuous gift throughout time. Others give the greatest gift when they leave.

This 22" necklace is made with the highest quality labradorite beads I possess and hand polished sterling silver beads.