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A Pious Soul

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When likening the story of Medusa to my life; I think of the friends that have come and gone from it. Some for good reason, others for reasons unknown. It's the ones that have gone without a word of warning or reason that don't sit well with me. Did I do something unknown to me to offend the individual? Did I do something that made me seem insincere or someone not worth keeping around? The questions eat at me sometimes. Questions that will never be answered.
When I think of piety I think of the devotional aspect of it. What is religion but a concept? You could make a person your religion, or like Medusa a goddess. Some god that suits your ideals and logic. What of those people in our lives we give our devotion to or those that give their devotion to us? The bonds I have felt with other people have been far deeper than anything else for me. Equal parts of pleasure and pain come from these relationships. The more you care for a person the more power they have to cause pain it seems. Rarely ever has someone I don't particularly care about caused me pain. Is it worth opening up to someone on that level again and giving them the key to my anguish should they chose to use it?
And here I smolder.

I followed a green palette for this series of strands and necklaces.
Black onyx and black spinel are both protective stones. Here they are meant to protect the wearer from negative energies from others and from the self. Negative self talk is a theme across all of my works. It's the worst thing we do to ourselves.
Chrome Diopside is meant to boost self awareness, lessen aggressiveness and stubbornness. Only when we really take a look at ourselves and listen to hear (not rebut) can we truly understand a situation.

This strand is 40" long and features aaaaa chrome diopside, black onyx, and black spinel. The sterling silver infinity snake charm and findings close the strand.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and shipping. Thank you!